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Tried to give you Summer,
But I'm Winter.
Wish I could make you Spring,
But I Fall so hard.

Make Yourself.

Age. 33
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Black
Location Wilmington, NC
School. Other
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Sorry for the inconvience this may bring...
Thursday. 8.18.05 4:11 pm
But my username is no longer hilikus. I have a new one here named lucidblur. :P More than likely, if you have me added here, I've already added you to my new one.


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As immoral as it is to me...
Thursday. 8.18.05 1:29 pm
I really like being a girl sometimes, especially when it comes to dealing with men, especially business men. I went into the bank and did my pouty-eyes and had the overdraft charge removed. I have a few hundred in my account now and will be adding a couple more tomorrow. I really wish I had saved more of my money because I'd easily have $700 in my account by the end of tomorrow. I really don't know where the money went.

That really has to stop. I have too many addictions. One of them being food. I'm not even really very hungry most of the time. I guess I just feel empty and use food to make myself feel whole again, if that makes sense. It's crazy because I just joined the gym a few weeks ago and I'm sure I've packed the weight I'd lost back on.

I'm going tomorrow, I swear.

I'm going to redecorate - not my home, but this blog. It needs a photo update, color change, and reorganization. I'm going to actually put my poetry in a reading section where it belongs. Looks like I'm returning to NuTang for regular updates, leaving Livejournal behind. I just wish now that I hadn't deleted all of my previous entries. I had a lot of memories, but the majority of them were in private entries. Just the same, they dated back as early as June 2003.

I was going to spend most of the day catching up on my Young and the Restless recordings, but I'm not sure now. I'm in the mood to update my website. ^.^ I've been trying to put it off until I order FrontPage, but I think I do fine without the use of it.

James entertained the idea of opening a bead/jewelry store on eBay for extra cash, but maybe I can just do that on my site? Maybe. Just maybe. Joey entertained stealing paintbrushes from my job and selling them, but that's just wrong. haha. I wish I could, though. I could make a killing.

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I hate banking sometimes.
Thursday. 8.18.05 11:06 am
I have to go to the bank soon because last night I realized that I overdrafted by fourteen cents. Fourteen cents! It's a good thing I wasn't able to buy my bus ticket last night or else I would have been charged an addition thirty-one-dollar overdraft fee. *sigh* I'm hoping Brad will take it off for me so I can make a deposit to buy my bus ticket and for my monthly website bill.

haha, No cell bill for another month. Life is good.

James and I have been getting along. Very, very well. We stayed up a few nights ago talking for hours and hours (about revelant and important issues that needed to be talked about). Looks like I'm still getting an apartment to live closer to the school. I'm happy.

Yay! I get paid tomorrow. *does dance*

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Dream Guy
Monday. 8.15.05 10:26 pm
His touch is as soft as a petal of a daisy
The power of his fingertips always amaze me
Warm embraces in his strong arms keep me still and calm
In his caring heart, he knows he has mine in his palm

With a touch of my hand, I grasp his full attention
The mere presence of his eyes cures my apprehension
The sincerity in his voice could make angels swoon
With his brilliance brighter than the shine of the moon

Precautious of my feelings, he sees them transparent
And keeping me happy, he also deems apparent
Not only with his eyes, he listens too with his ears
Comforting me when I confide all of my deep fears

The best friend and when needed is always there for me
Rewarding me even more with his pure modesty
My lost twin, indeed; I feel his pain as he feels mine
A slight sense of his sadness is a knife to my spine

He can feel my stares of great admiration from miles
And will return the compliment with genuine smiles
In spite of our flaws, our devotion binds us as one
The journey of our precious love has only begun

It's definitely not the best. It's corny and some parts are cliche'. I think it's one of those poems that seems good to me, because I know what I meant and how I felt.

My store manager called me a moron, by the way. Bitch, huh? She's too old to be that unprofessional. I'm sick of people. I don't even give them reasons to be mean to me. *sigh*

It's just me, myself and I.

I want to start drawing again.

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Exotic Dancer
Sunday, August 7, 2005
The spoken word does not convey
What is seen negates what is heard
The body has import to say
The spoken word does not convey
Deafen only ears if you may
What you then hear is not absurd
The spoken word does not convey
What is seen negates what is heard

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